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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A delight at 3 months.

Well, on Thanksgiving Day, Paxton turned 3 months. Here we are celebrating the momentous occasion. He looks like quite the party guy, huh?Oh! My sweet cuddly boy! He is a cuddle bug for sure. And I'll take it for as long as he allows. I know too well that this stage won't last forever. We love our little Pax and truly can't imagine our family without him. The thought of life without his face can easily sting my eyes with tears. And a glimpse of his little smile can do just the same. Each and every time. And we are seeing those smiles more and more these days. He is becoming quite the happy boy. And once Holden is out of the room, he completely comes alive. He begins to babble and talk and converse with us. And that part of our day is especially fun. But not to make it sound that the absence of Holden brings out his best . . . I think Holden can just be a bit overwhelming to our little one. So he tends to observe more and take it all in when Holden is running circles around him and jabbering up a storm, which are 2 of the things he does best. But Holden can bring a smile to Paxton's face like no one else. I think I've probably mentioned this. But it amazes me. The same boy that will clobber Pax if I'm not looking for 2 seconds, can also brighten his world just by coming into his view. I guess there have been no hard feelings on the clobbering part.

For the past week or so, Paxton has begun going anywhere from 7-9 hours at night without a feeding. Now, we aren't sleeping soundly, but we are making progress in that we aren't having to completely wake up and do a bottle. Normally, the issue is that he comes out of his swaddle and has to be re-swaddled a couple of times during the night. So this bright momma went to Target last night and bought my, probably 16-pound , chubby, infant a velcro-type swaddle blanket. Well, that was a waste. He didn't fit into the pocket portion. He was just too long for it. So we went without the pocket. But after no amount of time, he had gotten his arms out and it had ended up looking like a tube top rather than a swaddle blanket. So maybe it's time to break the swaddle. Eek! I don't even want to think about that right now. Not after enjoying some decent sleep lately. Maybe next week.

Paxton visited the church nursery this past Sunday for the first time. Holden was in the nursery by 8 weeks. But it was different with Paxton. First, he has been just a little more high mantainence with his reflux and tummy issues. And second, we are at a different church every Sunday right now. It's not the same familiar nursery that I put Holden in as a newborn. But he did finally go on Sunday. They said he was a happy baby and slept a good portion of the time.

Goodness, he's a sweet boy. I literally lay in bed each night thanking God for these blessings he's given. I never want to take them for granted. And too often during my day, it's speeding by me, and I forget to say thank you to the giver of these good things. But late at night, the house is finally quiet and it's finally slow enough for me to reflect. And each night, no matter how hectic the day, my words tend to be "Thank you. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for these boys!" How in the world God chose us, I have no idea. But I am so thankful that He did. Here is our newest little cutie at 3 months.
Playing on his playmat.
Enjoying some tummy time.


bsjones7 said...

You have such sweet boys! We miss you guys but are glad you are doing so well in Texas! I swaddled Caleb until he was over 6 months old. I did have to go and buy a bigger swaddler at Babies r us that was velcro. It came in Small and Large and was nice and warm (I wasnt impressed with the one I got from Targer either). Anyway good luck, I dreaded the day that he outgrew the large one...but we survived :-)

Amanda said...

Holden and Paxton sound just like Hope and Bella did at that age...minus the clobbering, though that could be a boy thing...Hope was always just a tad overwhelming for Bella and she was so quiet and then Hope would leave the room and she would come to life. But...nobody could make Bella smile like Hopie. So fun!

Also, you said clobbering, which is hilarious and reminds of Leave it to Beaver...but you made me say it, so I guess we're even. :)