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Saturday, November 1, 2008

6 months ago today . . .

I didn’t even know about Holden. May 1st at 11:18am. He was entering this world probably about the time I was chomping into my sandwich. How weird! Oh how I wish I could have been there for his birth. And I wish I didn’t have to miss his first week of life. 6 months ago today I was a bit disappointed. I thought I had heard God telling me to pray for an April baby. And so, I had fervently prayed for about 2 months. I had many friends and family praying along with us. God was teaching me to trust and my baby came into this world on May 1st. I find this no coincidence. It makes me fall in love with God 10 times over to see how He worked this miracle into our lives.
This past month has been SO MUCH FUN! I mean it. Hands down, funnest month thus far. (Yes, I know funnest is incorrect grammar.) I feel like Holden is learning to love. He gets so excited when Jeremy or I come into the room. He gives us kisses . . . long passionate ones. Sometimes they are aggressive on the cheek, which I think is him mimicking me. When I kiss his cheeks (ALL DAY LONG), I think I get a little rough. What can I say? I can’t get enough of him. And then sometimes his little kisses are soft and gentle on our lips. He is just so sweet! I will do my best to keep him away from your daughters. Besides, I don’t want to share those kisses. Yes, I might become THAT mother. ;)
This boy is into everything. And no, he is not mobile. But anything within his reach is up for grabs. I made the mistake of sitting him on the table at Subway a couple of days ago. (of course I was sitting there holding onto him.) He turned over my water glass and was just grabbing at everything! What in the heck am I going to do when he is crawling? I should probably start baby proofing the house now!
Holden is getting pretty good at sitting up, though sometimes he tips over sideways. He still LOVES to check himself out in the mirror and we can keep him on his tummy for quite some time with a mirror in his face. He is rolling both ways now. More often front to back. I think he normally just doesn’t have an interest in rolling onto his belly. I’m sure that will change once he figures out crawling.
His little personality is coming out more and more each day. Along with the occasional arching of the back during a moment of frustration. Yikes, never knew it could happen so young. Can we say FIT? Yep, he has them occasionally. But overall we have such a happy little guy.
We go to the doctor on Wednesday for the official weigh-in, but he is somewhere around 20 pounds. Not sure on the length. Check in after Wednesday.
This is going to be an extra special month for our family of 3, as Holden’s adoption will be finalized in just 2 short weeks. What a blessing! I have never questioned it or even had many concerns about the lingering finalization. But it will be a special day when it is official. We are looking forward to that celebration!
Here are a few pictures from today.

Speaking of pictures . . . we actually had his pictures done outside today. Carrie was fabulous and so patient with him. He is normally such a smiley, happy guy. But for some reason, he decided that he was going to be so serious for his photo shoot. Jeremy said Holden was just going for the artistic look. We couldn’t get many smiles from him, no matter how silly we acted. But smile or no smile, I think they will be fabulous. I mean, with Holden in the picture, it will be cute. Though I’m probably a little biased.


Molly said...

Oh my holy chocolate bliss! I can't get enough of this little guy! I would be the same way chomping on those cheeks. Poor Sadie, Owen and Cooper. The boys must get so tired of me holding them down and chasing them for kisses! Sadie, well, there's not much she can do about it now! We are so excited for you guys and can't wait for finalization to get here. You are right, it's nothing to worry's just that they finally REALLY have your last name, a social, a birth's all so much fun!

Thanks for sharing your little hunk with us!

Phyllis said...

What a cutie!! I would love to kiss those sweet cheeks. Can't wait for everything to be final. What an exciting day it will be! Go celebrate when it's over!
Love you all!

April said...

I's killing me to look at his pictures and not be able to kiss those stinkin cute, squeezable cheeks! He is truly a handsome boy! And yes, beware of the crawling baby boy! Wade is into EVERYTHING! I can't wait to see his pics! By the way, I love the little outfit!