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Friday, November 21, 2008

Some recent faves

Below are some of my recent favorite pictures.
I needed to run an errand in the 38 degree coldness outside. What better excuse for Holden to try out one of his newest accessories! He kept it on for about 2 hours, sleeping with it on in his carseat as I did my thing. I am pretty sure he loves it, in case this face didn’t tell us that much.
Holden and friend, Lyndon just chilin out. I do think they love to play together. And that’s good because I love to chat with Lyndon’s mama.

Last weekend was an eventful one, celebrating Holden’s finalization. After all the company had left, Jeremy decided that he would join Holden for a Saturday afternoon nap. And I have to say that I love this picture. And I love these boys!

This is now what I see when I go to retrieve Holden from his crib. We still haven’t dropped the crib down, so he can push himself up high on his arms to peek over the rail. (Don't panic, he's not pulling up yet.) When we see one another, we normally both just laugh. Not sure what makes it so funny.

And here I was attempting avocados again. Not sure how he doesn’t like the stuff! This time I was sneaky (or so I thought) and mixed it with his carrots. Weird combo I know. Not sure why I went the direction of carrots. Anyways, he just kind of jags on it and makes a horrible face with each spoonful. Yet continues to open his mouth and accept each bite. (This is one of Holden's rare, but less photogenic moments.)

And I leave you with sweet, sleeping Holden. He is in one of his favorite positions. Normally every night Jeremy and I go into his room once he has fallen asleep and just look at him. Then we leave the room and comment on how cute he is. :) Seriously, this is almost every night! He is either like this, or more commonly on his back with his hands behind his head.


Molly said...

Oh my, that is one stinking cute kid! Thanks for sharing the pics! I love the shirt for finalization day!

I was just thinking about how we need to get together, but my oh my our days are getting full with the holidays approaching! We may have to hold off! Are you going to the DPAS Christmas thing? We are, so let us know!

The Coopers said...

oh my goodness I was recognizing all his new clothes. they look so famaliar and very cute on him! can't believe he is getting so big

The Skains Family said...

He is a cutie. I just want to kiss his little cheeks! By the way, Jeff and I go into the girls room every night before we go to bed just to look at them sleeping, and then we also talk about how cute they are. We do it this every night as well! So cute!

April said...

Oh, Melodie, he gets more precious every day! He could totally be a baby model.

bsjones7 said...

I love the 'its official' shirt...did you make it yourself?

Life In Mazes said...

Holden has the cutest grin. I bet you both smile all the time these days!

Alida Smith Barnes said...

He is so super cute!! I love keeping up with him!