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Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I mentioned a little shopping in the previous post. And look what we found and couldn’t pass up!
Nana bought this little hat for 3 bucks and some change. NICE! But then of course we had to hunt down an entire outfit for the hat.
And then we needed something to keep those little ears warm this winter and we found this cute little stocking hat. We'll see how well he does to keep them on his head.


Molly said...

Yet again, I find myself wanting to reach through this screen and grab that sweet face and just kiss those cheeks off! Oh my goodness! I can't stand how darn cute he is!

Let me at him!

April said...

I second Molly. Could he be any cuter?

loraena said...

I agree - he is just too cute! And I love the hats!

The Myers said...

What a cutie! And love the hats! So excited for y'alls big day today. We'll be thinking of you and thanking the Lord for your sweet Holden.

Phyllis said...

I love the hats!! He is going to be a lady killer!!
Did you know that today is National Adoption Day? Hope you all have had fun celebrating Holden's day. My counselor calls it "Gotcha Day" for her two kids.
Love you all!!