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Monday, December 7, 2015

Zoo Day.

Jeremy has every other Friday off. I'm so thankful for regular 3 day weekends as a family. It's a really nice perk to his job. So I try to leave his Friday off pretty open as far as school day. I'll mark most Fridays as a catch up day. And often on the Fridays that Jeremy is home, we do something fun. Back in early November we went to a little zoo. It was not our huge local zoo. It was a small one, that was a little more of a drive that doesn't cost near as much for a family of 5. We were able to make the loop at the zoo in a little over an hour. It was the perfect amount of zoo for me and the boys. They are like their momma and can only take so much of the zoo. :) Here are some pictures from our morning.
 At least one child knows what to do for the camera. And I swear he's been this photogenic since he was 6 months old. Now if he could teach the other two....
 The boys got to feed this beautiful giraffe. That was a highlight.
 And the baby goats.
 Most of the time little brother has to do what the big bros are doing.
 We've been studying flying creatures in science his year, so this was a perfect photo op.
 I may have talked Holden into wearing that particular shirt on our zoo day. :)
 And little Abe.
Another zoo trip behind us. That should hold us over for another year or so.

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