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Wednesday, December 2, 2015


Three years ago today, this little life entered the world. We had not even begun the adoption process when he was born. But God's timing is perfect. I know that is a cliche thing to say, but it is truth. We didn't get a call about him until early May. After 5 months of some instabilities in his life an adoption plan was decided on by his brave birth mother. And we were the lucky family! This boy experienced a different kind of loss than Holden or Pax. At five months he felt the loss and noticed the changes in his life. And it showed on his little timid face, the moment we met him. And initially it broke our hearts too. But God, through only His incredible power, graciously poured out healing and hope. And today, it's hard to realize that we missed those first 5 months. This boy is as bonded to our family as any child can possibly be. He is as sweet as they come. And daily I give thanks to God, who made him ours.

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