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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Abe's celebration(s)

We had a small family party for Abe at my parent's house on the Friday after Thanksgiving. In his only 3 birthdays so far, it's the second time I've pulled this stunt. It just makes it easy and he's little so he doesn't really care. We had pizza with the family and some cookie cake (with a fire truck, of course!!).
Enjoying a bit of attention.
 He opened a few presents from cousins, aunts and uncles and we called it a party.
After the birthday fun, Abe went back to climbing all over Uncle Loren. Loren was a good sport. Abe climbed on him for at least two days.
Now on his actual birthday, which fell on the following Wednesday, we met up with some friends at a nearby fire station. This was what Abe really wanted more than anything. A trip to a firestation to see the fire trucks and fire fighters. He is completely obsessed. So here is his actual 3rd birthday in pictures.
 He started off his morning with a gift from his big brothers and a bowl of hot oatmeal on top of frozen cherries. This is one of his favorites!
 And off to the fire station we go. So thankful for this group of friends that were able to celebrate our boy with us on a plain old Wednesday morning. 
On the truck - dreams really do come true. :) I might as well mention that he threw a minor fit when it was time to leave. He was somehow under the impression that he would actually go for a RIDE on the fire truck. When he realized that was not going to happen he chunked the water bottle the fireman had given out to the kids in our group. Oh 3 year olds. Throwing things....who teaches them these things?
He loved the whole experience. All of the kids got a turn to do it all.
 Our crew! I love these kiddos!
Next we headed to the park for some playtime, lunch and cupcakes. He had to slide down the fireman pole again and again.
 Nana and Papa J made an appearance later that afternoon after naps. We had pizza (again) and he got to open his gifts.
We ended the evening with icecream since Abe is not a huge fan of cake or cookies. It was the perfect day and celebration for our fire truck lovin' boy.

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