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Friday, October 30, 2015

Diaper Free Zone!

Our home is now a diaper free zone. And it really has been since July. Abe was ready and we went with it. It was pretty painless and effortless on my part. The boy did amazing! Because of my incident (I've yet to go into here, but I will) we didn't get to do our special trip to Build-A-Bear until late August. But Abe and I eventually had our date, just as I did with the other two boys (Holden's is documented here and Paxton's here).
 Headed in. He was underwhelmed by the whole experience.
 My puppy loving boy chose an actual teddy bear.
 Bathing and brushing it's hair.
 Then it was no surprise at all that he dressed his bear as a firefighter. He has been completely obsessed with both fire trucks and firemen for quite some time.
We ended our evening with a scoop of vanilla icecream. I'm so proud of this little guy who caught on so quickly to potty training. He continues to grow up right before my very eyes.

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