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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Paxton is 6!

Well, by now I feel like this guy's birthday was ages ago. It's been nearly 2 months but because of my incident, blogging took a major backseat. So I'm attempting to start my catch up over here. Here is our Pax at age 6! Paxton is a sweet, fun and easy going boy. I am very thankful that I am his momma and for the balance and calm he adds to our family. Let's just say I need the peace that he brings to our home. Have I mentioned that his name means "peace"? I'm sure that I have. He lives up to his name meaning which is pretty cool.
That's right he's calm. And he really enjoys quieter, more calming activities. He loves reading. In April, I started him on chapter books. By now he has read probably 40 different chapter books. That's not an exaggeration. The kid loves to read. He loves building with legos. He loves doing puzzles and figuring out mazes. One of his favorite activities to do with others is to play board games. We really  need to get back into the groove of a family game night once a week. He absolutely loves playing games. He loves working in random little educational workbooks. He loves listening to music. He's very inquisitive and thoughtful. He loves to learn and do his school work. And he is very smart. He takes his time on things like writing, therefore his penmanship is very impressive. He typically puts his best effort forth in school work, and as his mommy-teacher, I love that. It sometimes takes him two or three times as long to complete his copy work as compared to Holden. But I love that he goes slowly and does his absolute best.
He's not a lazy boy, but the things above are probably his favorite ways to spend his time. But we have some outdoor time nearly every day when the weather is nice. Outside, he likes to run, play soccer, ride on a scooter or on his new plasma car. This fall he is playing I-9 baseball on Saturday mornings. He also loves playing games on the trampoline and swinging. Now that the weather is cooling off, it is much easier to talk him into playing outside. He has not quite gotten the training wheels off of his bicycle. I think riding his bike will be a favorite once he's ready to take that plunge. He became a great swimmer this summer and enjoys the water a lot more, now that he has that confidence.
Pax is a joy to be around. He gets jokes. He loves to laugh. He loves to be silly and make others laugh. He is also a seeker of justice. Sometimes when things start to feel unfair, he gets emotional and needs justice to make it all better. It is another unique piece of who he is that sticks out in my mind. I would describe him as a laid back individual. But if rules aren't being followed, that doesn't easily roll off of his back. He is sensitive and tender hearted and we started seeing these pieces of his personality back when he was 9 months old and we had to tell him "no touch". Tears! We learned quickly that a harsh no led to tears for sweet Pax. :) His peaceful nature makes him a pretty incredible big and little brother. He no longer gets trampled on by others, but he always prefers harmony in his relationships rather than discord. He gets relationships. He gets compromise. He gets sharing. He's not typically self-centered like so many children tend to be at younger ages. He's a sweet, sweet boy. Not perfect. But he's such a sweetheart and bright spot to each day.
I know that God has special plans for this amazing little boy that He created. And I can't wait to see the ways He will continue to work in his life!

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will + adri said...

Happy Belated Birthday Paxton!

Hope your surgery went well and that you are fully recovered! Ouch!