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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Pax's 6th Birthday!

I was not feeling great on Pax's birthday but he didn't seem to mind. And I don't think he even remembers my condition two months later. At one point a week earlier he said to me, "I have a feeling your arm is still going to be broken on my birthday". So I started getting worried this his 6th birthday was just going to be the worst. Yes, I was a little dramatic about the whole deal. My sweet husband reminded me that if our children can't roll with these types of punches (birthday or not) then we've got much bigger issues in our family. True. So I didn't feel good. But we kept it low key and I faked it. His two big wishes on his special day was donuts and board games. Easy. Done deal.

Because Pax's birthday fell on a Wednesday and we have church activities on that night, we opted to take him out to dinner the night before on Tuesday. Chili's is still one of his faves. It's the same place he chose last year.
The waiters sang to him which he really, really wanted and enjoyed. In fact at one point he almost cried during dinner because he thought that Jeremy or I was not going to let the waitstaff know it was his birthday. Jeremy had already told them in secret so Pax could be surprised. They even brought him some ice cream.
Birthday tradition to open a gift from the brothers first thing. Holden and Pax had been talking about this robot boxing game from our church. So Holden picked this one out for Pax and he was so excited as soon as he saw the box.
 Breakfast of Champions! I love this picture.
And then we let the games begin...
I played a few rounds of Sorry. One of my favorites.
We ate cake all week because that's what you do on your birthday week, right?
 White cake with buttercream icing is his favorite....just like his mama. Unless you offer me carrot cake. Or lemon. :)
Wednesday night after we returned home from our church activities, he opened the rest of his gifts from us.
A new CD player for his room along with some Chris Tomlin and Toby Mac CDs.
A lamp and some new chapter books to go in the book nook. We put together a little book nook in his room as part of his birthday gifts. He loves to sit and read so now he has a special place to do just that.
Legos! He is our lego boy and he loves to sit and build.
And a plasma car. He had been wanting one of these for a while after riding his cousins.
It was a good day of celebrating our boy! And I know that he loved every minute!

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