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Monday, April 1, 2013


Yikes. I turned 33 last week. Let me just be honest and say that sounds WAY old. And let me just be honest and say that I still feel like I'm only 26. And let me just be honest and say that I may be singing a different song when the sleepless nights with a newborn come my way. That always has a way of making me feel {and look!} a heck of a lot older. ;) My birthday was was a pretty low key day. Unfortunately, the boys did not behave as if it were my birthday. That's always frustrating when your kiddos don't want to participate in the day you've set aside for youself to be treated like a princess. I didn't capture photos of the low points of this day. But I promise, they existed. Don't let all the smiling pictures fool you. Anyone else out there ever get there expectations crushed by mere preschoolers? I took the boys to Costco to get a few groceries and somehow walked out of their with a little something extra to celebrate my day. Jeremy and I actually had a date night this past Saturday to celebrate a little more without the sweet children. :) Here are a few snapshots from my actual birthday.
I have a thing for carrot cake. So it's only appropriate that my birthday is often close to Easter.
I had a couple of gift opening helpers.
My sweet husband picked out this gift. I absolutely love it!!
And here's to an exciting year ahead! :) But hopefully not one that will make me feel {or look!} 34 at the end of it. I have high expecations for what is in store.


~The Neaves Nest~ said...

I'm sorry there were someRough times. I hate when expectations aren't met. BUT I know this year will be a wonderful one and hope you feel special and valued!:)

Katie said...

I think you look great. Im getting ready to turn 34 next month, yikes..It is going really fast now. I look back at pictures from 5 yrs ago and I look younger and better, lol..I have had stress and that does age you. I am blessed though to make it to 34 my cousin just passed away this year she was only 43 she had breast cancer. Makes me count my blessings each day.