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Monday, April 15, 2013

Welcome Spring

Spring has finally arrived! The weather has been beautiful and amazing with recent afternoons temps in the mid 70s and 80s. We are in our shorts and summer threads and enjoying this spring weather. The grass has now had it's first mow of the season and the sprinkler system is being put to use. We will be doing some landscaping in the next couple of weeks ~ sadly our first attempt after being in this house for 3.5 years! I know that soon enough it will be blistering hot by 11am so we are spending our days outside as much as possible right now. Yesterday after the boys took their naps we spent the entire evening in the backyard. The boys talked over the fence to their neighbor friend while Jeremy grilled burgers. It was a sweet time with my family. I caught myself sitting, watching, laughing and soaking it all up. I do indeed feel like I have a fun bunch to live life with.
You'll notice that all plates have been cleared from the table. This little guy was the last one to finish eating. But he had a man-sized burger. I couldn't believe he finished all but about 2 bites! Plus his potatoes and 2 good slices of watermelon. He's such a good eater.
Jeremy wanted to test out the sprinkler heads. That was just an opportunity for Holden to have some fun. This boy has loved the water since he was a baby. Some things never change.
But some things do! Last summer Holden didn't really care for watermelon. But it was a constant in our fridge because Pax and I could eat our weight in that stuff! Yesterday Holden decided he loved it. And he has continued to ask for more of it frequently today. That's a good change.
He could barely pause from the water fun to get a picture with me.
Daddy and Pax after dinner.

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