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Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Sunday 2013

We had a really great Easter Sunday yesterday. A time of worship, thanksgiving and sharing the meaning of Easter with our little boys. I find it to be a heavy task as parents to make sure these significant holidays point us all towards Jesus, even with the fun cultural traditions. Here are a few pictures from our day.
Pax's goodies above and Holden's goodies below.
A family picture with the automatic timer. I'm stunned that all of us are smiling. I will admit that we had a sock monkey set up behind the tripod. Those boys will do just about anything for their sock monkey friends.
While I put the finishing touches on lunch, Jeremy finished up with the last Ressurection Egg. It was our first year to use the Ressurection Eggs and I loved them. More importantly, the boys enjoyed it also.
After 3 hours naps (where this mommy decided to nap too!) they headed out for an evening egg hunt in the backyard.
Checking out their loot. We couldn't do candy this year. Long story...that eventually, I do plan on posting. I thought opening their eggs would be a little disappointing. Even though they are young, they DO already associate easter eggs with candy. But as they opened their eggs and found tatoos, tiny little toys and pocket change, they were OH SO excited and never mentioned the absence of candy! And I love the fact that now we don't have a big bowl of candy at our house.
It was really a great family day with just the 4 of us.


Amanda said...

Love that sock monkeys are useful!

Katie said...

I love the family picture. Some of the best pictures are the ones you aren't planning and getting all nervous about. It's beautiful!