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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Winter Vacay!

Last week Jeremy took off from work and we headed to the Colorado Rockies for a little winter vacay. On Sunday we drove to my sister's house and arrived late. It was about a 12 hour drive. We hadn't made this drive in over 2 years! That is way too long to not go visit a sister and her family!  They make trips to Texas regularly so we get to see them. We just hadn't made the drive. But 2+ years ago, the drive was miserable with our little 10 month old. (I did just look back at that post when my sweet boys were itty bitty. Sometimes I forget how itty bitty 1year and 2year old boys really are.) Anyways, this time around, with a spacious mini{van}, a TV for movies and a 3 and 4 year old that don't mind the car, the drive was a breeze!
Monday we woke and drove to Salida, CO where my brother-in-law, Loren, had snagged us an incredible {free} cabin for 3 days and 2 nights. It surpassed our expectations. Originally when we started planning a ski trip for Jeremy, we were looking at mobile homes in Sipapu, NM...which I'm ok with and we may do in the future. But this place, in Salida, was amazing.  But more than the great lodging, it was such a fun and relaxing time with family. So much so, that when I walked out of Loren and Amanda's home on Thursday morning, I couldn't really turn back around for a wave because the tears were falling at a pretty good pace. And I knew if she saw them and started crying herself it would only be a worse and even more of a sad goodbye. I wasn't really ready to leave. Which might always be the case with me. It was just nice to have several days of these guys all to ourselves. Time was unrushed. There was not much schedule and nothing that really had to be accomplished. Loren and Jeremy got to ski at nearby Monarch. Holden got to give it a try...but with the well-below-freezing-temps, little dude didn't love it like we had hoped. My neice Hope got to try out skiing for the first time and was a pro. The cousins played together so well. Ava and Holden were pronounced boyfriend/girlfriend...which Holden said it means "she's my buddy." And that statement is true! Those two crazy kids are definitely two of a kind. Bella got to play mommy to Pax, which they both loved. That also meant that Pax fell into a puddle of tears every meal time that she wasn't seated right next to him. I know that is immature and sometimes he works those magical tears for attention...but it's still sweet to me because he loves his cousin. Those 2 are also very similar in personality. It was such a wonderful little winter getaway. I really didn't do much but visit with my sister and relax. We stayed holed up in the warm cabin, while watching the snow outside. Normally I like to go and do while on vacation. But this time, it was just what I needed and desired. And I left feeling so refreshed and so thankful for the family that God has given me. The ones that have to stick like glue when friendships have the oppotunity to fizzle and fade.  Here are a few pictures from our fun family time.
P.S. I'm still completely ticked off at Jeremy for not getting a single picture of he or Holden on the ski slopes. I haven't forgiven him for that yet, but I'm praying about it. ;)
The view on our drive to the cabin. Before the snow began to fall.
The beautiful cabin!
Jeremy and I's room
the boy's room
we rarely get pictures together
my snow bunnies :)
Bella on the very cool tire swing that swung out over a little drop off.
Bella, Pax and Ava
Our time was filled with puzzles and games. This cabin was stocked with everything we could have imagined.
and movie nights downstairs


The Myers said...

SO fun! Love the pics and so glad you had such a sweet time with your sis and her family. Great memories.

Amanda said...

Yay! Love the pictures! We had sooo much fun. It was just what we needed, too. Sometimes it's just good to not have anything to do...other than be together. Love you!