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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Can you make me a pilot?

The boys are now sharing a room. We've tried it off and on for the last 6 months or so, but it's never stuck. Either it created an awful night's sleep for the adults in the house or it made for rough mornings because of their own lack of sleep. Obviously they do tend to play/talk much later when they are in the same room, attempting to wind down and sleep for the night. But on our trip to Colorado, we pushed the room sharing and it went really great. It had finally clicked. But they also weren't napping much on our trip, so they crashed out at night. So once we returned home, we continued it. Really there have been no hiccups. And now I need to follow through with my promise of putting up Pax's name in his new room. The shared room. Which you might guess, opens up his old room for our new little one. I'm glad we won't be making an additional transition, like moving the boys in or out of a familiar bedroom, once a baby is here. I'm glad it has naturally happened before a big change occurs.
Another small challenge with the room sharing has been the fact that Holden is an early bird. He normally wakes around 7. But since he has always had this little sunshine light that told him when he could leave his room, he stayed put until 7:30am. Pax typically would sleep much later. Sometimes I would allow him to sleep until 8:30. Since they've been sharing a room, it's been a big temptation for Holden to wake up Pax when he himself woke up. Though some mornings it has happened naturally as he not-so-quietly bounds down the steps of his top bunk and hits the floor. My little piece of bribery has always been that I would make him a fun, little pallet in the living room. So each night, I'll spread out a blanket and fill it with a few match box cars and library books. If Holden can make it out of his room quietly without waking Pax, he can come downstairs and enjoy his fun pallet before sunshine light turns yellow. Big priviledge! And this is where my title comes in and the reason for this pointless post. I've found it a little irresistable that each night Holden will ask me "Can you make me a pilot?". Man, it took a few repeats and finally a full explanation from him to figure out what in the world he meant.

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everyday graces said...

how cute! he's looking like such a big boy!