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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Holden (4 1/2 +some)

I've felt for a while that the boys have changed, grown and matured so much in the past several months and they needed a little update. Holden will be 5 in May. That really sounds old.  Sometimes I think I'm too young to kids these ages. Ha. I know that is far from the truth. Here is a little update on our big boy.
He really is big. We started buying size 6 pants soon after he turned 4 because of his super long legs. He's long and lean so we always have to cinch up his pants to keep them on. He's still such a great sleeper. He naps each afternoon, on average about 3 hours. If we try to push through naps he often falls asleep on us. He just can't push through. And he is definitely a much happier boy when he gets his rest. He is an earlier riser than Pax. He probably wakes around 7am. But with our little sunshine light, he plays quietly in his room until the light changes colors at 7:30am. He wakes wide eyed and ready to tackle his day.
Holden has definitely challenged us in our parenting. He's kept us on our toes while also keeping us on our knees in prayer. It really has been something that was/is so good for us. Parenting has been another reminder of our complete dependence on God. Which we want to be mindful to continue, despite our situations. I've shed many tears over my mistakes in handling him at times and my worry for "when will these moments end? When can it just be easy again?"  Well folks, praise God, we've rounded a corner. We played with his diet over the past year, which I'll explain in another post. But I think we're on to something. Making good choices has become so much easier and daily my heart swells with pride as I see these changes in my little boy. Something we could have helped him with years ago, had we even known!
Holden is a sweet and cuddly boy. In his waking hours, he is normally bouncing with energy. He's like the Energizer Bunny. He loves to be tickled, to play rough, to play chase and tackle. He is ALL BOY, as I've often heard people say about certain little boys. And I always thought it was such a weird statement. But growing up in a house full of girls, and now having 2 little boys to compare...he is just our rough and tumble, dig in the dirt, splash in the puddles, rarely sitting still boy. And I do love it. It's not always easy to keep up with his pace. But he makes life fun. He is most definitely an extrovert, being energized when he is in a group of friends. The rest of our house is more introverted, so it'll be interesting to see how this part of his personality plays out with our family. I hope it will encourage us to have more fun. He's definitely adds to the fun-factor.
Holden LOVES daddy. Man, he's been nuts for his daddy since he was a tiny baby boy and that hasn't changed over the years. These 2 are so similar in the most random of ways. Determined, disorganized, the way they handle/react to conflict (yes, comparing J to a 4 year old here. Ha. Kidding!), a love for technology/gadgets, an eye for the details, and incredible coordination at first attempts of anything. These commonalities have given them an incredible bond. Jeremy really GETS Holden down to the core of who he is and what makes him tick. It's a special connection to see.
Even though I've decribed him as an extrovert, he shys from the spotlight big time! He loved having a mo-hawk until it brought about so much attention. Random strangers at church would rub his hair and comment on how cool it was, as he attempted to hide behind us. I keep asking if he wants a mo-hawk again (because personally I loved it!) and he quickly tells me NO. When we played Dance Central 4 with friends, Pax was all into it.Holden was doing it in the background until someone would look at him. Then he would get embarassed and immediately stop. He told me a few days later that he wanted to play at our house with our family, but not with all the friends. He so badly wanted to try it out that night, but didn't want everyone watching him. This is an area where I can most certainly identify with him. Though I don't really mind making a fool of myself anymore, when I'm with the right company.
Holden loves going for rides in the car. He would sit silently in the car for hours, watching out the window. He is so content with long drives and quietly observes what's going on around us. So he's definitely not always bouncing off the walls.
He is our pickier eater. But in the last year, he's learned that diet is not something we're going to budge on. So he eats. Sometimes with complaints, but he still eats it. Knowing if he doesn't, he'll have to see it again for breakfast (since it's usually dinner that he doesn't love.) That's a little tip we learned from some friends and we've only had to use it a handful of times. It works, even with the most determined child.
Holden has matured into such an amazing big brother. We've been teaching him that he can be the protector, to watch out for Pax and care for him. And he's really taken that task to heart. If Pax is upset, instead of laughing at him, he is concerned and tries to fix it. It's been such a special development to watch. These past several months have probably been some of the most special in their relationship. They are such wonderful playmates. They are great communicators to one another now. They still argue, fight and tattle on one another. But those instances are becoming far less frequent and the fun and sweet moments they share together, I get to see on a daily basis. I am so grateful they have one another. They truly are the best of friends.
Holden's favorite toys are cars. I didn't have to stop and think about that one. It just is. He is normally walking around the house with a handful of matchbox cars. I find them in my bed sheets, on the backs of the toilets, in the couch cushions and on the kitchen counter tops. Tiny cars are often scattered around my house. That is definitely a calming activity for him. He rolls his cars and closely watches the wheels spin. That would be his one thing he'd want if he were stranded on a desert island. No question about it!
Holden is eager to add to our family. He loves to be around babies and finds that it's his job to make silly faces, do silly dances to try and make them laugh. And he normally always gets a smile, if not a full laugh from those babies he entertains. Holden is hoping for a sister and has chosen a name that we would actually consider for a middle name, should we receive a little girl next. I can't wait to see his gentle side more often when he has a baby sibling to love on.
Holden loves to be the first to lead us in prayer for meals and before bed. He loves to be read to. He also loves to pretend to read to himself and often to Pax. He knows most of the story lines well, so it works. Other things he enjoys is running and playing outside, riding his bike, digging in the dirt and playing with water. That is a good summary of our Holden. He is a complete blessing to our family. He will always be the first miracle that made us mommy and daddy. And we adore each little piece of his ever changing and growing personality. I'm blessed to know him. To really know him down deep. And I'm truly honored that God gave him to us!


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Daysha said...

We miss you Holden

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Sweet boy! Too bad you don't live closer and I could pass down Colin's jeans/pants.