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Thursday, May 10, 2012

the partAy!

When I asked Holden a few months ago what type of birthday party he wanted, without hesitation he told me diggers! He has been obssessed with all construction-type vehicles for several months. He loves seeing them when we are out and about. Most of the time he asks me to stop the car or turn around so he can watch them move along and work. And all of the time I have to explain that I can't do that. So in my head, I thought he wanted a construction party. A few weeks later I showed him a cake I had found online that I planned to copy. It included a dump truck. I thought he would be so excited when he laid eyes on it. Instead he looked disappointed and asked why there wasn't a digger. So I tried really hard to make it all about the digger, but I just could do it. Dump trucks are easier and little more popular. So eventually I got him warmed up to the idea of combining the two. Goodness, this boy LOVES diggers right now!
He really wanted his own copy of the invitation. He has slept with this copy in his room since I had them printed. His copy is still in his room, just a little worn at this point. KMThomasDesigns did a great job on our cute little invite. I know it's so easy and cheap to do Evite's these days. I just can't let go of the physical invitations. Not yet, at least.
I had a little fun with the theme...
And if the food wasn't orange, yellow or brown, it wasn't invited to the party. :)
Jeremy organized some dump truck races. I didn't know if the kiddos would be into the organized fun, but it went really well. They all seemed to enjoy it. And it was pretty cute for the adults to watch.
Holden had lots of fun tearing into the gifts.
He got a little silly/shy when everyone sang Happy Birthday.
This boy! I just can't believe he is actually 4!

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