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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

May 1, 2012

Holden typically wakes bright and early but has to stay quietly in his room until his special light goes from blue to orange at 7:30am. But on his birthday, Jeremy and I headed to his room right before 7am. He was playing quietly on his bed when we kissed him good morning and quietly sang Happy Birthday. We didn't want to wake Pax next door.  Then we told him to get dressed because daddy was taking him out for donuts before work. Right before heading out the door for breakfast. One on one time with the boys is always so special for them, but also for the parents.
Holden called most of the shots on this day. And I'm grateful for his simplicity. I did give him a few ideas of things we could do. But he wanted to go to the nearby park. (The one with the merry-go-round.) And the boys were even excited to ride in the jogger to get there, so I even worked in a little exercise.
Holden requested pizza at home for dinner that night. So we picked up a Papa Murphy's before lunch and stuck it in the fridge until right before Jeremy made it home. You know, Papa Murphy's is the kind they create specifically for you and then you bake at home when you're ready to eat it. Is this kid easy or what!? And I was happy to take the evening off from cooking dinner. He even got to use the special plate for his birthday!
And next were the pink, strawberry cupcakes he requested the week before. This boy likes pink!
And a few presents to open.

And one big surprise...
And then a little ride around the neighborhood.
It was a fun day of celebrating our big 4 year old. A party post is coming soon!

I took Holden to Dr D the very next day for his 4 year check-up. He had to get shots. :( But the nurse did tell that would not need any more shots until he turns 11. That sounded very good to me because he freaked out so badly that he bent the needle and ended up with a huge scratch down his leg. Poor fella. The nurse just wasn't prepared for him. But for my own documentation, at 4 years old Holden is 44inches tall (99%) and 40lbs (81%). Such a big boy! Which has been the theme for most of his life. :)


will + adri said...

What a fantastic birthday! He looks so wonderfully happy! LOVE it!

The Skains Family said...

I love that picture of the brothers on the slide. SO cute!!! Sounds like Mr. Holden's bday was quite perfect.