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Sunday, February 26, 2012

two and a half.

Today the baby of this house is now a big two and a halfer. Hard to believe. But he's actually grown up alot in the past few months. I've always said he behaved more like a baby than Holden did at the same ages. But recently, he's really been acting his age. In a good way! Not in the "terrible two" sort of way. He's talking up a storm and carrying on all sorts of conversations. He's finally desiring independence, which is good for us to see. If I had 1 single word to describe my little Pax, it would be sweet! He is such a sweetie! He's compassionate, considerate, tender-hearted, affectionate and a major snuggler. He lets me kiss and squeeze on him all day long. He often pets my head and tells me he likes my hair. Daily he wants to sit in my lap for book after book of story time. Words hurt him and bring him to tears and big brother knows just the words to say to push his buttons. Like "you're dangerous", which doesn't make sense and shouldn't make someone cry. But Holden knows it works and uses those words at times. Usually Pax cries. And sometimes with tears in his eyes, he roars like a dinosaur at his big brother. Seriously, like a dinosaur. It cracks me up when I sit back to let them work out their "issues". But he loves to roar like a dinosaur. He does it at least once a day.
He remains the late sleeper of the house. He's in bed at 7:30pm and I often have to wake him at 8:00am if we are going anywhere that morning. He wakes cuddly, smiling and asking about everyone's whereabouts.

He still hasn't had much interest in potty training. I thought he might jump into it more quickly because of Holden, but so far that hasn't happened.

He is the best eater EVER. He's a dream child at meal times. Whatever you give him he happily devours. And if there is something sweet, like cake, he says "no tanks" and normally ask for an orange or some kind of fruit instead. Yesterday we attended a birthday party and he didn't want cake or icecream. He just ate the fruit instead. Wow! He does eat some sweets, but for the most part, he doesn't prefer them. He loves to eat salads, most veggies (raw or cooked), fish, chicken, beef, peanut butter sandwiches, yogurt, waffles, anything! He's not a big fan of pasta, rice and carb-like dishes. And he would still prefer meals more plain (grilled chicken, green beans and a roll), rather than everything combined into a casserole. Of course, this is polar opposite of Holden, my pickier eater. Some of Pax's very favorite foods are: watermelon, apples, oranges, fresh veggies with hummus, waffles with maple syrup and my homemade granola, which he calls "gro-gro-grola". As many of you parents know, meal time with young kiddos can be a beating. Well, not true for Pax. I hope it sticks and he always loves the healthy stuff like he does right now.
I love to listen to this boy talk. Toddler talk can just be really cute and I don't really tire of the funny things that come out of their mouths. A few things Pax says often are "weeeeeell...", when he thinks he needs to explain himself. When I ask "why?", he often starts his reply with "uh-cuz". And he still calls his big brother "Honen", which is one of my faves. Occassionally, he sits on the potty for practice. During those times he tells us he needs "pry-vi-seat". :) I kind of think since he's sitting on a seat, then it completely makes perfect sense in his head.

Pax is still our sporty boy. He loves all kind of balls and enjoys playing catch. He especially likes playing baseball and golf with whatever type of bat or golf club he can get his hands on. By no means, does it have to be the real deal. I've watched him use his fork at the dinner table and pretend it's a baseball bat as he's knocking one out of the park.

This little boy is so full of life. He makes me laugh each and every day. And I'm so grateful to be his mommy.


will + adri said...

What a cutie patootie! Pax is just adorable! Such a happy and sweet fellow!

~The Neaves Nest~ said...

Happy 21/2 little guy:)

Amanda said...

Aw...super cute. Hey! That means Ava is almost 2 1/2, too! But...I have to say...she seems a little more...ahem...spirited, to put it nicely. :) I love sweet little Paxton. It's probably why he and Bella get along so well. And hopefully when he and Ava are bigger, he can be the voice of reason when she gets some kind of scheme in her head. :)

Melodie said...

something tells me Holden and Ava night be the best of friends. :)

everyday graces said...

he's a doll

The Coopers said...

Sweet Pax! i miss those sweet boys. need to get together soon