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Saturday, August 14, 2010

hold bubba!

This is a request of Holden's regularly these days. He can now hold Pax on some of the small water slides at the water park. The ones that are only about 4 feet in length and I can prevent Pax from going face down into the shallow water. And I think Holden is really starting to understand a little bit about being a big brother and the benefits that go along with the role. Now their are also challenges. And I hear myself daily saying things like: We do not hit bubba. We do not take bubba's toys. We do not bite bubba's fingers. Do you hate that we use the word bubba? It sounds a bit country to me. But it's so cute, especially coming from the mouth of a 2-year old. So Pax gets called bubba, at least 33.3% of the time. Anyways, just a few days ago, after breakfast (meaning I had gotten them out of their PJ's, but not yet into their daytime clothes) Holden was in the mood to "hold bubba". So he did and suprisingly, they posed {somewhat} for my picture taking.
Goodness, I love those 2!!


everyday graces said...

We call C "Bubba" but Kate calls him "Bubby" I did the same thing when I was little. I think it comes with the territory. ;-)

Laura said...

So cute! We have "bubbas" in our house too! I have called my oldest (Trent) "Bubba" since he was born.