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Friday, August 6, 2010


My Colorado sister (also known as Amanda) came to Texas this past week. My fellow Texas sister (also known as Amy) and I took turns at mom and dad's house so we could see Amanda and the girls, but not overwhelm the place with young children. Ummmm, too late. Pretty sure we overwhelmed. But for a few moments one day, all 7 cousins were together. And they peacefully allowed us to take a picture.

And most of them, with the exception of the babes and my toddler, smiled for the picture. Notice Pax with the golf club. He screeched when his nana tried to remove it from his hands. Definitely going to be a golfer. :)

So we got in some more cousin time.

And we got in some nana time.

And we tried on some pretty bows. Just testing the waters to see what it would be like to have a little girl.

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Cindy said...

HA! love the bow pic. And love following your blog. You have two of the most beautiful boys around.