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Sunday, August 29, 2010


Our little man's birthday was Thursday. It was a typical day at home. Since Paxton is only 1, I think he is most content at his house, with his toys and enjoying his normal routine. So that is what we did on his birthday. Holden woke at his typical 7:30am. So he and I got started on the cinnamon rolls while Jeremy got ready for work. Yes, these are the ones from the can. I really do it up for a birthday breakfast. :) Pax slept until sometime after 8:00am. The 3 of us entered his room and sang him happy birthday. It took him a little while of cuddling with daddy before he was ready for his breakfast.
And then he enjoyed his first cinnamon roll. He liked it. Just not as much as his blueberries.We played in the house for a bit and then Paxton went down for his morning nap. Holden and I headed to the kitchen to make a fruit pizza. (Excuse the cheek-ful of berries.)
Fruit pizza with cream cheese icing. :)
Once Jeremy got home from work, we enjoyed some pasta salad for dinner. One of Paxton's favorites. And then we headed to the park . . .
At the park, Pax enjoyed some fun with some wonderful evening weather. (Thank goodness, the heat has been letting up!)

Then it was home for fruit pizza, baths and off to bed. It was some fun family time to celebrate our new little 1 year old. I love birthdays! And I especially love celebrating these special people in my life.

And then Saturday was the real party . . .

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everyday graces said...

I love birthdays and celebrating them too. Happy Birthday little Pax! Love the pic of him on his horsey. So precious. Also, there ain't no shame in Pillsbury cinnamon rolls! Those are a fave at our house. I make them about every other week on saturday or sunday usually :-)