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Wednesday, March 31, 2010


85 degrees. That was our high today. It was nice, sunny, not a cloud in the sky. So we were outside alot. Most of our awake time, actually. We played in the backyard with trucks. Paxton tried to eat grass and modeled his hand-me-down sun hat. We spotted every airplane that flew overhead. We waved hi to the planes and said bye-bye when they were just out of sight. We pulled out Holden's riding toy from last year and he pushed it all over the yard. And Paxton sat happily in the prickly grass and watched. Good day. We are loving this weather!


DeBrady said...

Your boys just get cuter and cuter!! Looks like a fun day outside. Have you ever been to the Founders Plaza at DFW...a park where you watch planes take off and land and can hear the pilots talking?? It is off of 114 (texan trail and airfield drive) in Grapevine. Anyway, I think Holden would love it!!

everyday graces said...

85 and it's barely spring! Love the chunky thighs! I want to give them a little squeeze!