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Friday, March 19, 2010

A visit from Lyndon and fam.

Lyndon was Holden's first, little BFF. They spent many a days together during there first 16 months of life. And then we moved away. But Holden has not forgotten his friend. Lyndon and his family came to visit us last weekend. The boys had a great time playing basketball, pushing trucks, playing at the playground and doing just about everything together. It was a fun weekend with friends. And Holden is still calling one of his trucks "nen-nen's" when he sees it. Now a distant friend, but clearly still his BFF. Sweet friends!
enjoying some dinner side-by-side.
Lyndon holding tightly to that Longhorn football!
the boys at the park.

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Daysha said...

Goodness we had a great time. Lyndon loves his time with Holden. We're thankful the next visit is so close!!