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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Some news on Holden

Holden has been talking up a storm. More and more each week. We are often daily surprised by the things he says and repeats. Lately he has caught on to I love you. Except he say like Yi yuv you. So he will say:
Yi yuv you, momma.
Yi yuv you daddy.
Yi yuv you bubba.
Yi yuv you Babbie.
(Abbie the dog)
and then sillier things we hear:
Yi Yuv you beans.
Yi yuv you poncok.
Yi yuv you yites. (lights)
The other morning I sneezed and he said Bwess you momma. Then he proceeded to say bwess you yites (the light above the kitchen table). Bwess you poncok (as he was eating pancakes for breakfast at the time). I think he knows how to make us laugh and he likes to work that.

I have been working on his colors with him, but only concentrating on blue and yellow so that I don't overwhelm. I almost think he has yellow down. But then I wonder if he calls everything yellow, which he pronounces yewoe. Today he picked up a purple toy and said "yewoe!" so matter-of-factly. So maybe we don't have our colors yet. But he did take a blue bath last week with these fun things.

Many mornings I pull out 2 coffee filters. One to make the coffee and one for Holden's hat. And he often wears his little hat all through breakfast. Here he says "cheese" for the camera. Holden can still be quite the cuddle bug and Jeremy and I soak up these sweet moments. Along with his obssessions of airplanes in general, being an airplane on my feet is one of his favorite pastimes. Jeremy returned home from work on this scene last week. We had to let Pax in on the action.Speaking of airplanes, room pictures are coming soon. Holden's room is finally coming together and he is loving it. In fact, I put his new bedding in the crib yesterday evening and he wanted in immediately. Of course it had airplanes all over it. And so, he jumped in his crib as if it were a trampoline for at least 5 minutes. At one point I told Jeremy he might fly out of it. He was getting a little crazy and was completely hot and sweaty by the time he was done.

Holden loves his brother and is just as interested in him and Paxton is of Holden. He often stops mid-play just to go over and kiss Paxton's head. It's pretty sweet. There are still jealous moments but they are so rare. On a typical morning I would carry Holden to the breakfast table after he wakes. Since Paxton is next door to him now, they often wake together. But Holden still wants to be carried downstairs and sometimes will cry if I put him down to pick up Pax. So what am I to do? I can't pick one over the other. The "easy" solution is to carry them both. So I do. One on each hip. That's about 50 pounds of boy, walking down the stairs. For now, it's my morning workout. Here is a picture of the boys before Holden Valentine party at MDO.

See how interested they are? Much more interested in one another than that camera I seem to always have in my hands. As it should be, I suppose.

And lastly, on Tuesday Holden pooped in the potty. I'm not promising it will happen again anytime soon. But as of yet, we haven't had a poopy diaper. We cheered and celebrated and told him what a big boy he was. Then I let him flush it down and we gave him a cookie. I know, I know, probably not a good idea to reward with sweets. Especially since he is normally a 3-4 times a dayer. That would be alot of cookies. But I'm not pushing, just encouraging. Who knows, maybe he's ready. I never would have imagined starting this early. But if he's ready, I'll be glad to walk this journey with him. :)

And that is a little update on our big boy. Birthday #2 is right around the corner, which is so hard to believe. I can't even begin to describe the ways this boy has completely changed our lives and our hearts. Because of Holden (and Pax for that matter) we think differently now about things. God has used these boys in powerful ways. We will never be the same and I couldn't wish for it to be any other way.


Daysha said...

OH MY GOSH!!! I'm missing it ALL!

Chassidy said...

What an awesome update!!! What's the secret to potty training so early...that incredible!!! And Paxton is such a little doll baby!!

The Bradts said...

Precious! He does "yuv" lights! I can be a witness to that!!!

The Skains Family said...

That is precious! He makes me laugh. Such a fun age. It gets funnier and funnier!

April said...

Catching up on your sweet family just made my day! You are all precious!!

Molly said...

Owen started showing interest in the potty around 18 months and by 2 he was completely out of diapers except for poo. That quickly followed. And then there was Cooper who just now he fully diaper free even at nights. You just never know mama, but letting them lead is the best thing you could do. Great job!

Love getting these updates on the big guy. So funny how these boys don't like to have their pic taken. Wha? Come on are so handsome! Love your family and these sweet pictures. What a precious time in our lives, huh?