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Monday, February 8, 2010

And we're back . . .

No we have not been on some exotic 4 week vacation. Though that would have been nice. Instead the good Lord put me on a computer vacation. We have had some major computer issues. And so I have had no internet for over 3 weeks. And it has kind of been nice. It's made me a little more productive with my time. And for now, I still can't download pictures and boy do I have alot. Soon I will have to do a catch up day. Since I last posted this is what's been going on with us:

1) We played outside in unusually 70 degree January weather.
2)Paxton learned to sleep through the night! Definitely more on that later! He's now a 12-hour sleeper at night! Hooray!
3) We toured our new 'hood by stroller. (again in unusually-warm-for-January weather)
4)The Caplingers came to visit and we had much to celebrate with those friends! :)
5)Paxton turned 5 months!
6)Jeremy turned 30!!!
7)We wore coffee filters as hats.
8)Holden has been learning his colors: blue and yellow. So we turned his bath water blue one night.
9)Speaking of blue, we painted our bedroom. I'm calling it blue-tiful!
10)Holden has walked around blindfolded, which he did to himself, all by himself. Our little comedian. Video coming soon.
11)Paxton cought the croup! Man, he's been a sicky baby thus far.
12)My dad turned 62 and we were close enough this year to all meet up for dinner.
13)We had a playdate with our friend Max and his momma Amanda.
14)Paxton has become cuter and happier than ever before!
15)Holden tried out reading time at the library. And I do think we will be going back.
16)Jeremy and I have become experts (I lie) at Mario Bros. on the Wii. Well, I haven't been completely productive with my extra time. But goodness, that game is so much fun! And I am so not a "gamer".

See, I have much to blog about. But, tomorrow we are headed to my parents because my Colorado sister and her fam will be in town. So the boys get to see their girl cousins this week. So another week and no updates from our house. Maybe when I get back, Jeremy will have the computer in complete working order again and then I can pick back up on bloging- hint hint to Jeremy. :)


kh123 said...

I was just wondering what happened to you!!!

Molly said...

I was hoping you all were okay. Or I was also thinking, "did they have another baby?" HA!

So glad you're back and took advantage of your down time! BUT I missed hearing about those boys!