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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Our Fun Week (about a month ago)

Well, finally I get to update you on the last month. It may take me 17 posts to do so, but eventually I will be caught up. In mid-January we had an unusually warm week. And we welcomed that weather by spending some time outside. Each day we did something new and fun. The age that Holden is at is so easy as far as entertainment. He really doesn't require much to amuse. Just a little attention and quality time makes for a sweet boy and some great memories. So here was that particular week in picutres.

Monday: Holden was at MDO. I'm sure I did something productive. And he is LOVING his time there each week.

Tuesday: Holden played in the backyard with his trucks. I was able to sit on the patio with the back door open while Paxton napped inside just a few steps away. Oh how I miss that spring-like weather! Our little neighbor boy in OKC passed these trucks down to Holden as he had gotten too big to play with them. And now Holden loves to just push them around the yard. Fun day #1!

Wednesday: Each morning we sit at the breakfast table and I feed Paxton a bottle as Holden eats. This particular morning Holden had finished eating and was waiting patiently for Pax to finish his bottle. Completely on his own, Holden grabbed his monkey from the table and fed him from his sippy cup of milk. It made me laugh. He was doing what he saw me doing. So cute!

Also on this day, we went to story time at the local library that is just down the road. Holden enjoyed the music portion (which you see in the picture) but was more interested in the buckles of our stroller than sitting in the circle for story time. We'll keep trying. To date, we haven't returned. But I plan to. It's just been busy. Fun day #2!

Thursday: While I prepared dinner this evening, Jeremy was not yet home. And Holden is my busy boy, so I normally have to keep him locked up somewhere if I want to accomplish anything. So I poured some dry rice in a mixing bowl and let him stir it. Which facinated him for a while. When that got boring, we added some food coloring and turned it green. See it really doesn't take much! Fun day #3!

Friday: This day was so nice, we pulled out our shorts from last summer! We took a little tour of our neighborhood via stroller. I know there is a playground right around the corner, but somehow, this day, we never stumbled on it. That was my intention of taking the walk. Oh well. The boys just loved being outside. And I did too! As you will see, Pax fell asleep on the walk. So off to bed he went and Holden and I went to the backyard and played with a random ball that had landed in our yard and, of course, his trucks. Then he needed to relax a bit in the big chair by mommy. Fun day #4!

And that was our eventful week. Just seeing the pictures has me eagerly awaiting SPRING!

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Daysha said...

My favorite is him feeding his monkey!! Love it!