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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Summer Getaway

We have had a busy 11 days or so. We returned home on Sunday and I think things have finally settled down . . . now . . . on Wednesday. But don’t come check out my house to confirm my statement. I think someone trashed the inside while we were away!!!! (Or we may have done it when we were scurrying around trying to pack for the 11 day adventure.)
We headed to Dallas to see Big Ruz tie the knot. He fell in love with a wonderful girl Susan, who I already adore. They’re a perfect match! And unfortunately I don’t have one blasted picture from the wedding. The camera must have been packed in one of our 17 bags. But Jeremy was in the wedding and it made for a great weekend. We were able to see lots of our good ole’ Hardin-Simmons friends that we don’t get to see often enough.
Then off to San Deigo on Sunday. Mister Holden took his bottle and then slept the entire way there (which included 2 stops!) He was a great traveler. So Jeremy worked most of the week while I got to hang out with Kristy and Aubrey. So much fun! You know San Deigo . . . home of the famous zoo, Sea World, beautiful beaches and much more. Well, we did venture to a couple of beaches. But for the most part I was just able to visit with my friend. Had Holden been maybe even a year older, I would have jumped at the opportunities that San Diego offers. But we opted to just relax and enjoy. Don’t get me wrong, Kristy was up for anything . . . a wonderful hostess I might add. But it was a fun time with great friends and I am so glad that Holden and I were able to tag along.

Here is the 6 of us. Kristy and Jeff are expecting their 2nd little girl on August 8th.

And don't these guys look like long lost friends?

And then on our return to Dallas (Holden did sleep the entire nonstop flight once again) we had a special birthday party to attend for our nephew. Cameron turned 1! And he had a water party. It’s a perk to the July birthday. And most importantly, he thoroughly enjoyed the cake. I present to you the birthday boy. . .

And so we were able to spend some time with my sister, Amy and her family. And back home on Sunday. Recouping. Unpacking. Doing laundry. Holden is getting back into his routine. He was such a trooper through the entire trip.

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The Coopers said...

What a great, but exhausting trip you had. Glad we got to spend some time extra time with you guys. We love you!