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Saturday, July 26, 2008

How's Baby Holden?

I haven’t given much of a Holden update lately. He is just over 12 weeks now. At his 2 month check up, he was actually 10 weeks old. He was 25 inches long and 12lbs. 3oz. In the ALMOST 75th percentile for height and weight. Big boy! And then just this week, I noticed it. He is into his 3-6 month clothes. Well, some of them. You know how they are all sized so differently. It was kind of sad because he zoomed through some of the 0-3 month clothes. You see, he was in newborn FOREVER, because he was sick and not gaining weight properly. Then he had his miracle surgery and gained 4lbs in about 3 weeks. And apparently he has been growing ever since. So now I am trying to SQUEEZE him into those 0-3 month clothes that he has yet to wear. Silly, I know.

He is becoming very vocal. Jeremy is so good at getting him to “talk”. And normally I can hear their “talk” clear across the house. He has learned he can holler and I think he enjoys the sound of his voice. He is just so smiley and responsive and loads of fun.

He is sleeping about 10 hours a night. I think this began during week 10. The sleep has been good for everyone! I have somewhat been following BabyWise but I don’t know that I would really credit that for his sleeping. I mean, we have been pretty consistent with his schedule and so I’m sure that’s helpful. I just don’t see myself being a BabyWise pusher. I will never say “I highly recommend BabyWise.” Maybe because I don’t follow all the rules or because half the time I feel like the book is so unclear and I can’t get a direction. And I am kind of in the mindset that if you want to rock your baby to sleep – then enjoy that time and break him of it when you feel like it. We are not rocking and he normally goes down fine by himself. But we are swaddling STILL. That is a MUST for Holden! See? I am probably breaking the BabyWise rules there. I’m just not 100% dedicated. It’s got some good ideas and it’s helped me figure out a rhythm for our day, but I am sort of . . . indifferent towards it. Just my thoughts. Take em or leave em.

Off the soapbox and back to Holden. He is really likes to stand now. Yeah, he thinks he is a big boy and his eyes light up when you stand him up on your lap. I need to get a picture of that.

We sing our ABC’s every day (among many other songs). I’ll let you know when he decides to join in and sing with me. I keep thinking if he hears it every day then he might be the youngest child ever to sing it, right? Guinness Book of World Records – here we come.

Well, hopefully this didn’t put you to sleep. Just some everyday things that seem to consume Jeremy and I.


the thorntons said...

I love the updates on your little man. He is so cute. And I think that whatever you're doing is working if you can get him to sleep 10 hours a night. You'll have to let me in on your secrets when the time comes!

The Skains Family said...

Yay for sleep! Way to go Holden. I think you are doing a wonderful job being a mommy no matter what "book" you follow! And about the swaddling, Babywise never really says how long to do. Remember Aubrey was swaddled til 5 months and it worked perfectly for us. However you make it work is perfect!

The Myers said...
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Matt and Shara said...

I agree - if swaddling is working, why stop?! :) My friends in Edmond always read both "Baby Wise" and "Happiest Baby on the Block", then followed parts from each book - that's my plan. Keep posting your baby-raising feelings, though, so I can learn!!