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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Play Date!

We had a play date at the house today. It was Holden’s 2nd play date, as I didn’t have my camera at the first one. This picture kind of reminds me of the Doritos commercial . . . you probably know which one I am talking about. So no, the babies aren’t “playing” together quite yet. But the mamas had a great time chatting . . . mainly about our babies and our traumatic stories in getting them. I think we each had a unique and unexpected “delivery” with these 3 blessings. So from left to right we have handsome Lyndon, who came into this world a little early, at 4lbs 7oz. He is now growing to be a big boy. He is just over 10 weeks old. Then big chunk Holden, who you all know. He looks enormous next to these 2 in the picture. And then pretty, little Sophie. What a cute baby girl with a full head of dark hair. I love it! She is just over 5 weeks old. Holden just kept staring at her.
It made for a fun afternoon. Let’s do it again, girls!


Kili @ Live Each Moment said...

cute little babies!

Matt and Shara said...

That's so fun, and yes, I totally thought of the Doritos commercial too! :) And no, we won't announce his name until he's'll just have to wait and see!