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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Today marks 2 months

So here is the 2 month picture. I was trying really, really hard to get a big smile from him in this picture. But it was almost nap time and Holden just wasn’t giving away his smiles as freely.

Wow! The last 2 months have been so amazing. It has been a very sweet time for us as a family. And it seems to continually get better. When I am talking and he is in someone else’s arms, he will follow me with his eyes until it looks like his head is on backwards. I think he has learned his mama and the voice that goes along with it. And you are thinking – of course he has. But I think this was secretly my biggest fear. We missed his first week. Then I finished up at my work for the following 2 weeks. So we really settled in after 3 weeks and I was determined to bond. And that we have done!

He is an easy going baby and pretty predictable, which has been nice. Like clockwork every 3 hours we start the same routine over and over again. He is hungry and so I feed him. Then we read, sing or just talk. And then he plays – normally on his play gym. When I lay him on the gym he still looks at that sunshine like he hasn’t seen that friend in YEARS! After about 20 minutes, he looks at that same sunshine as if she did something horrible to hurt his feelings. And so he is tired. I pick him up and grab the paci. He ooches up and puts his face as far into my neck as it will go. He closes his eyes and begins smacking away on the paci. It’s one of my favorite times that we have. He is so cuddly. And I hope it lasts forever, but I realize that it probably won’t. So I am going to enjoy it for now.

For the record, last week he weighed in at 10lbs. 3oz. which was nice progress since his surgery. They did not measure him, but I did. I think I measured 25 inches. He seems so long and thin right now. And he finally began wearing his 0-3 month clothes last week. I thought he would never grow into them, and many of them are still too big. But I’m sure that will be changing in just a matter of days. He has the cutest outie belly button. I just LOVE outies! Jeremy tells me that I have said this for years . . . which I don’t recall having an abnormal obsession with outies, but apparently I might. You just don’t see them every day. I read like 10% of the population has outies. Yeah, I guess if I researched it then maybe it is a bit of an obsession. Onto other things. . . with each smile, we are seeing a dimple on his right cheek. Wouldn’t you know, I just LOVE dimples! Just 2 little things that make him unique and cuter than ever.

What a difference a little life can make! How it can slow you down and how it makes you WANT to slow down. To savor these days and the sweet moments that are slipping by. Holden is such a gift and we are so grateful that God entrusted him to us.

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The Myers said...

Happy 2 months Holden! You are such a gift from the Lord and we are so excited to watch you grow up with such wonderful parents as your mommy and daddy. You know, they love you to pieces. :)
Looking forward to seeing y'all next weekend. Love you.