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Wednesday, January 11, 2017


November consisted of....
(OK, this first one was actually the last weekend in October.) Jeremy participated in a Spartan race with a few of his best friends. These relationships go all the way back to middle school. These three had a full weekend together. I'm so thankful these friendships are still going strong.

 They stuck together through the entire race.
 Holden's dream of getting glasses sort of came true.
 We converted Abe's toddler bed into a full bed. He affectionately refers to this bed as his "firetruck bed".
We celebrated 14 years of marriage with a fun little date night at Painting With a Twist. It was such a fun and special evening.
 I'm so thankful for this guy. Good seasons and hard seasons, busy seasons and restful seasons... I'm glad he is by my side.
 And without our monthly date night, I think I would go cuh-razy! :)
Also, during the month the boys had their very first piano recital.  They did so great!
And then our sweet teacher retired to stay at home with a new baby. I can't blame her, but goodness I thought we had found such a great fit.
And also in November we went to ICE at the Gaylord. We have taken Holden and Pax one other time. They were so young then they could barely walk without falling in the blue parkas. So it definitely felt like a new experience for them this time.
 It was 9 degrees.
 These two skinny boys can not handle 9 degrees very well. Holden was miserable. Daddy was attempting to warm him up.
 But the ice sculptures are pretty incredible. And Pax and Abe loved the ice slides. Holden would have also loved the slides if there was sunshine and it was closer to 40 degrees.
And finally, also in November, a good friend of mine took some family pictures for us. She captured some great photos of the boys and our family. We found lots of keepers.

I can't believe how big and grown up these two are. Didn't they used to be babies?

And this baby of the family smiled so good. I bribed him with Skittles! His favorite!

December update is right around the corner...

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