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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Abe's 4th Birthday

Abe turned 4 on December 2nd. So behind over here.
He began his day by opening a gift from Holden and Pax. New legos!

Then our sweet Master Builder helped him to build it right away!
 Everyone's favorite breakfast at our house is always donuts.
We also let him open this new fire station. It was actually handed down to us without the furniture. I ended up buying a set of wooden pink furniture for it, because it was the cheapest I could find. He didn't mind at all that it was pink. :)
He was so excited to have a fire station.
Not long after breakfast we took off for Chuck E Cheese to meet a few friends and celebrate.
 We had games, pizza and Paw Patrol cupcakes.

After lunch, we came home and Abe had a nap. Then my parents came over that evening for frito chili pie (one of his favorites!) and more presents and cupcakes.
 I love celebrating my boys birthdays. But this #4 came all too quickly. An "all about 4 year old Abe" is next on my blog-to-do list!

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