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Sunday, January 8, 2017

Halloween 2016

I'm determined to do a major blog catch up this week and never fall behind again. Hahaha. That will be impossible. When I look at our winter/spring calendar it is extra full and extra exciting. And like always, documenting on this little blog will most likely take a back seat. But Jeremy is always encouraging me to keep these little posts going, knowing that one day it may be special for our boys to look back on all of our family adventures. So here we are at Halloween...
 Abe had a little fall party at Mother's Day Out and he wore one of my favorite shirts that the big boys had worn several years ago.
 This year, we painted pumpkins instead of carving. The boys loved it.
 And keeping with tradition, we had our friends over for frito chili pie and then walked the neighborhood with them and some neighbors. Unfortunately, right about the time I had dinner ready, Holden informed us that he had a migraine headache. He gets them on occasion. So he spent the evening at home being sick from the migraine while I took the boys trick or treating with their friends. For the record, Holden had a black ninja costume, similar to Paxton's costume. He is determined to wear it next year. And this momma is just hoping it will still fit. He grows at a very rapid rate. :)
Here we have a green ninja (Pax), a firefighter (Cruz) and Batman (Abe). It was a great night. I was just a little sad that our biggest boy had to miss out on the fun. But sweet Cruz, Pax and Abe made sure to fill his pumpkin with their own candy. 

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