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Thursday, April 28, 2016

massive catch up.

I know blogs were once popular, back in 2007 when I started this one. And then eventually most people fell off that train, unless of course it generates an income. Those people still blog, obviously. :) But I'm just not ready to give mine up. Initially I started it for the birth mothers in our lives, so they can hop online anytime and see what's going on with the boys and our family. But I love the documentation for my own sake as well. So right now, I'm going to do a little 3 month catch up, just a few of our highlights. And then pinky swear to myself that I'll never fall this far behind again! I left off at Jeremy's 36th birthday, which was January 30th!
So in February:
We celebrated Valentine's Day.
 We got to attend a little party with our other homeschooling friends.
 And the boys received their annual balloons + a few other fun treats from us.
Also during this month, I was saying to someone how we had never had an injury related ER visit with our 3 boys. And how incredible that was. Then a few days later Abe face planted off our trampoline. It was traumatizing.
(wish I could trade eyelashes with that kid.)
Then in March:
I turned 36 on the 26th. We celebrated with an Easter Egg Hunt.... :)
Easter was the very next day.
And this month of April...
 Abe finally graduated to a toddler bed. It was not a flawless transition. :) But he's doing okay now.
We met some friends in Texoma for a weekend.
 Why are the great outdoors so great!? I don't know, but it is always so much fun for our boys to spend time out in nature. It's fun to watch them explore and play in this type of an environment.
And eating s'mores is always a bonus.
And then we started another season of soccer.
 Pax isn't so sure about all the running. We are starting to think he may be better suited for golf. :) But I've bribed him with a Barnes and Nobles date if he can give all of his effort for 6 games. He's halfway there! He's hustling, trying hard and has even scored a goal. I'm proud of him!
And Holden is a soccer rock star. It's a delight to watch him play and run his little heart out.

Spring is officially here and we are soaking up this nice weather. I'm sure in just a short time I will be melting and complaining about the heat. So for now, each morning we head outside just as soon as our schoolwork is done. Daily the boys are riding bikes, jumping on the trampoline, going to the park and enjoying the sunshine.

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