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Monday, February 22, 2016

Jeremy's birthday.

Jeremy turned 36 last month. Ouch. We're getting old. Oh well. As wise old people have always said, it's better than the alternative. :) His birthday was on a Saturday. We had kept some friends kiddos one weekend in the fall, so on Jeremy's birthday weekend it was our turn for a weekend alone. We drove to Houston to drop off the boys and then spent the next 2 nights in downtown Houston. We didn't do a whole lot worthy of pictures. We spent Saturday in Old Town Spring which was a neat little place to browse and shop. And we had quiet uninterrupted meals out all weekend. That's always a plus. We slept in (as late as possible). My boys have completely stolen my ability to truly sleep in so I just gave it my best effort. And we just enjoyed one another's company. On Thursday evening, the night before leaving for Houston, we had a family birthday dinner out at Grimaldi's for pizza. We knew the boys would also want to celebrate their daddy. I had been once before to Grimaldi's but Jeremy and the boys had not. And we are some pizza loving people! The wait staff brings pizza dough for the kiddos to play with as you wait on your dinner. Brilliant. 
 My view from across the table. These two are pretty tight.
 Abe loves pizza. He just loves it. And he had no problem devouring 2 huge slices of our pizza.
Clearly Pax and I were also at dinner, but we didn't get a picture together. I hate it when I do that. 

I wasn't supposed to do any gifts for his birthday this year. We had done a little more than normal for anniversaries back in November. Then there was Christmas, we were not supposed to buy for one another (his idea) and I went ahead and got him a little something. So then he said absolutely nothing for his birthday. But that's just ridiculous, right? No one really means that, right? Well, actually he does. Gifts aren't really his thing. But I spent less than $10, so I consider that practically nothing. :) He loves the lyrics to this old hymn and in recent weeks before his birthday God had really used the song to remind Jeremy of his constant presence in his life. So it was his one little gift we got for him.
And the one measly picture I had from our weekend alone. This man is definitely worth celebrating. :) And I'm thankful to be the girl that gets to celebrate all his big moments.

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