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Sunday, January 24, 2016


We decided in early 2015 that we would close up that year and ring in 2016 in Colorado with my sister and her family. And that is what we did! It sure is long drive (10.5 hours without any stops), but the visit ALWAYS makes it worth the trek. We didn't do a ton during our stay. We mostly relaxed around their house. We let our brother-in-law feed us breakfast feasts each morning. And we got to see a little bit of what their morning routine looks like each day, which is so so neat, yet so different than our own. The boys had so much fun with their cousins. They jumped on the neighbor's trampoline in the frigid weather. (Their neighbors happen to be some of their closest friends, which makes me a little envious.) They sang hours of karaoke (all from a Disney CD - think Frozen and Arielle). They colored together. They just ran around and played and had a lot of fun. One of my only days to really take pictures was the day we followed my sister's family to a snowy area to sled. There was no snow in their area. So we took a drive (about an hour away) and found a really great sledding area. We couldn't come all the way to Colorado in December and not get to experience some snow fun!! Soon after arriving to our snowy destination, we got out of our vehicles and Pax was suddenly lethargic and sick to his stomach. My brother in law quickly realized he had altitude sickness. We had him guzzle a bottle of water, take a 15 minute nap in the van and then he was as good as new. It was the oddest thing. But we praised God for such a quick turn around and we went on playing. The kids had so much fun. After some time, 3 sat in a van freezing, while the other 3 continued to play. You'd never guess in a million years which ones traded in the cold.
 Bella and Pax and were glued to karaoke. I don't have a video for you to hear this duet. You're welcome. That's all you need to say for that. :) Don't get me wrong, Bella was pretty good. And Pax has now been singing the song Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus. Yes, just imagine that one. 
 These two, in their comfies, singing some Frozen. 
Our snow day. Luckily the neighbors have 4 little boys. We were all set with snow gear!
 Ahhhh. The scenery.
 Six sweet cousins. One is crying. Not too bad.
 Abe loved the sledding. And he sure didn't mind the big girls pulling him around through the snow.
 Jeremy trying to snowboard on Holden's spooner board. It didn't work. At all. 
 Bella was all joy.
 My sister packed hot cocoa. We cooled it off with a bit of snow. Ha.
I'm so thankful for this guy. 
 The little of the bunch was the first to throw in the towel and give up on the snow. He was cold and he was DONE. 3 year old DONE! Hope, the oldest and then Holden soon followed into our van. Holden was also 3 year old done. :) Kidding. Sort of. 
As we drove back home, we stopped at this scenic overlook that looks out on their little town.
And then this was our drive home on January 2nd. They had worn themselves out and it took them at least two more days to recover on rest.
I'm thankful for the time away from home during Jeremy's break from work. The solid time we got to spend with this family that we don't see as often as the others. The mentors they are for us, even when they don't even realize it. Cousins and the sweet relationships they are forming! The snow that we have YET to experience in this part of Texas, this winter. We want snow...we want snow...we want snow...I'm thankful for the few moments that we did capture in photos. And how it was another fun trip and now a memory in the hearts of my boys. I'm so glad we made the drive and rang in 2016 with these people. My regret: I have no pictures of the adults!

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