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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Christmas fun.

December was another season of fun with my family. The big boys definitely have down our traditions by now. And there is often an eagerness over what each day will hold. I look forward to the day when there is that same eagerness for Jesus and the story we celebrate. But for now they are young, and though they really do get the meaning of Christmas, it hasn't pierced their hearts yet. So we have fun with our family traditions, while trying to continually remind them of the deep joy in our celebrations. We started by decking the halls and trimming the tree. One of the most fun nights of the year for our family!
 At least half our lights don't work on our 12 year old tree. Dang the pre-lit trees! And I had to rearrange some ornamanets since all my little helpers found one sweet spot to hang the majority of them. Not to mention our tree went topless this season because I'm not crazy about the star we've had for 12 years but I never went shopping to replace it. So it goes.
I love to see that mantel full of stockings. Just another sweet reminder to me of what God has done.
We had our annual picture made with this Santa character and spent some time playing at Bass Pro's Winter Wonderland. By far, this is a favorite tradition for my boys. And it's completely free.  
 We went caroling with friends at a nursing home where they don't get many visitors.
 I loved watching Holden walk into dark rooms of strangers lying in bed to hand out our handmade Christmas cards. It is such a sweet memory in my mind that I definitely will take with me from this year. He was so nervous with the first one. We had to really encourage him to do it. Then he was hooked and really enjoyed talking to the people and giving them each a card.
Later that same day we spent the afternoon/evening with the Myers. We decorated our first gingerbread houses together. And had a great time with these friends.
Some friends hosted a Christmas party. You could wear Christmas pajamas or ugly sweaters. Some of us wore both. :)
We made Christmas candy for neighbors and trash truck/recycle truck guys. Pax is the brave little hero of this house that will chase a trash truck down, even if it's cold and he's barefoot and still in his jammies. He never ceases to amaze me.
We painted new ornaments for the Christmas tree.
 We toured our church's Christmas festival. Jeremy was in the Life of Christ cast this year. He's in the picture below. He was the wedding host (with his glass in the air). Jesus had just the water into wine.
Of course, we decorated Christmas cookies.
It was a wonderful season. And it was full of memories and fun for our family.

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