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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Christmas morning

It was really a joy gifting to our boys this year. We kept it on the small side, I think. But we really put thought into what each of the 3 little personalities would like. These 3 boys are all unique and different with different interests. We bought the big boys their first sleeping bags and I "made" Abe a fire truck fleece blanket. That word made...use it loosely in that sentence. I tied two pieces of fleece together. So we had the sleeping bags and blanket sitting out when they came downstairs. 
 Abe's main gift from us was a big firetruck. He's been begging for one. He likes to build. So I would have loved to have gotten him some Lincoln Logs. But I knew he would be most excited about a big noisy firetruck, with a ladder (that was part of his request), so that's the route we went.
 Pax got to hunt down a few riddles from around the house to find his big gift. In the end it was in the garage but the journey to find it was especially fun. On Christmas Eve I called on my dad for a riddle. I remember riddle gifts somewhat often growing up. That's how I found my Nintendo one year. :) And how my mom found a beautiful ring in his tool chest one year. So Papa J came through with some riddles for me. Pax thought this was really fun. 
 And the gift in the garage was pretty awesome. Jeremy stayed up until 6am Christmas morning working on it. That's right. He barely slept a wink the night before Christmas. But he built this awesome lego table. In the picture above it is still not quite finished. I need to get some better photos now that it is complete. But the top piece spins. And it's ginormous. Daddy did good!
 And for my super energetic active boy, he got a spooner board. When you google "gifts for active 7 year old boys", the spooner board comes up. Holden had no clue what it was. But it didn't take him long to figure it all out.
The boys each bought gifts for one another. Pax and Holden did the shopping for those. I want them to learn early about giving. I want them to be thoughtful in that process. We're not there yet. But I still feel like it's a good practice and hopefully one day they'll get it.

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