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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

San Antonio!

Jeremy had a business trip in San Antonio in early June. We were fortunate to get to tag along. We drove down on Sunday morning and went straight to Sea World. Monday through Friday morning he was in a conference in our hotel. So the boys and I swam for the most part. And hit up a little train ride near the San Antonio Zoo one day. In the afternoons all three of the boys would nap in the hotel room. I was shocked at how well that played out since I expected a sleeping disaster. Then in the evenings we would venture down the Riverwalk getting our fill of their famous Tex-Mex food. On Friday the conference let out at 11am. At that point, we loaded our things into the van, and hit Sea World for one more afternoon before heading back home. It was a fun week for the boys and I as we played while Jeremy stayed busy. And I was so thankful we had the opportunity to squeeze in an extra little "vacation". Here are some pictures from our week.
First day at Sea World:
Abe is fascinated by ALL birds. He LOVES them. Here he was watching the flamingos.
The boys loved the whole Sea World experience. But I have to say that they really preferred to spend their time seeing all of the shows more than they did riding the rides. This was a pleasant surprise for me to see how the shows captivated their attention. Well... accept for Abe. Nothing captivates his attention for too long at this point. :)

Mornings spent at the hotel pool:
We typically had it all to ourselves.
Just a typical 5 year old boy. Lounging by the pool with a his nose in a book. ;) This boy and his books. I've never known anything like it.
 On our way to dinner on a river taxi. I think they are so handsome!
 I've mentioned that Abe loves him some spice! Here he is with his own personal salsa.
 This was our morning riding the little train.
Abe enjoyed himself so much he threw the biggest, most embarrassing fit once it was time to get off. Ho-hum. The life of a 2 year old can be so so hard. And it sure can humble a momma really fast. Not that I need any extra humbling in my role as mommy. Believe me, I learned humble 6 years ago. Because when we brought home Holden 7+ years ago, I sort of thought I knew how all of this was going to go. Seasoned parents, let's all go ahead and laugh at that together.
And then on our last day at Sea World I talked Holden into riding the ride behind us. He didn't really want to try it because he has some typical nervousness with trying new things. We could tell he wanted to do it, but he was nervous enough to just avoid it and opt out. But I convinced him to ride it once with me saying something like: I know you will love it so much you will want to ride it again and again. And I was about 99% confident in that statement I made. As soon as we made it to the bottom his words to me were something like: Whoa! I do NOT want to ride this again! I immediately started laughing. He was not a fan. But I was so proud of him for getting on it and trying it. And he earned himself some cotton candy.

Fun fun memories were made this week. And I was so thankful that Jeremy sacrificed what could have been a relaxing week away and instead brought the chaos that is his family along with him. Thanks babe, for letting us crash your party. :)

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