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Sunday, October 5, 2014

picture dump.

 family game night
my little lego lover!
 Holden and mommy day. A 3 mile bike ride for him and a run for me. This boy has lots of energy to burn. And riding his bike is one of his favorite ways to burn it.
 Doing some school on the floor.
A couple of weeks ago, this sweet boy was diagnosed with some asthma. And he desperately thought that he needed a snack while we were waiting on Walgreens to fill the script. So we went inside to find him a snack. "Fishes" are a favorite that he always gets to eat at church.
 Holden got the roller skates and protective gear back in May for his birthday. But we finally tried it all out a couple of week ago. Based on a childhood experience and nearly knocking my front teeth out at a skating rink, I'm probably not the best person to teach him how to roller skate....
 Sweet big bro entertaining Abe with bubbles.
First day of fall and my boys wanted to play in the sprinklers....Sure, why not!
 Bike riding and a game of dis golf with my family.
 Meeting daddy for lunch while Pax and Abe were at MDO. Why does this kid look so huge??!
 Trying to entertain this guy while we get some schoolwork done.
And a fall-ish Friday at the park. It's a fabulous park in our town that has workout equipment. I've yet to see anyone seriously use it, but it seems like a great idea!

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