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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Weekend with friends.

Last weekend we had planned a camping trip with the Myers. As the weekend approached we realized we were going to get rained out. So at the last minute, we changed our plans and decided to spend the weekend at their house. I'm still sad that we may not be able to squeeze in a camping trip this fall before the cold hits. We had such a great time taking the big boys back in May. But we still had a great time with our friends last weekend playing, talking and catching up together. A few pictures from our time.
 Lots of nice weather for time outside.
It didn't take long for Holden to help himself to the princess dresses. He loves dressing up in her dresses. :) They are exactly 1 year apart. He is ginormous and she is very petite. It makes me laugh.
A little Jesus Storybook Bible time before bed. Pax and Camryn were nearly inseparable.
And the following morning, more princess time. Complete with a crown.
 Dinner out and all the kiddos lined up by age. Pure coincidence.
 The kids ended the second evening with a little pre bedtime dance party with glow sticks.
More great memories were made!

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