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Saturday, September 13, 2014

2 week solo

Jeremy had a business trip in the UK for two full weeks. I had been dreading it since July. It was supposed to take place back in July and then it was delayed until September. He left on the Saturday evening before Labor Day and returned home last night. We missed him dearly. I challenged him to a phone picture a day and we did the same over here. I kept up with it on my end. And I'll be checking out his phone soon to hopefully post more interesting pictures than what you are about to see here.
 Day 1 - Airport drop off. Holden had the right look. I had been crying off and on for hours as he packed that afternoon. I was completely dreading the two weeks without him. I'm a wuss. I know this.
 Day 2 - Sunday night we made a paper chain to count down his return. I knew the boys couldn't really comprehend what 14 days without their daddy would feel like,
 Day 3 - Abe had his first try at finger painting.
 Day 4 - While Pax and Abe were at MDO, Holden and I ran some errands. I treated myself to some pocket change of Jeremy's per diem with a new fall candle and a fun cup.
 Day 5 - Just a typical school day. Learning about patterns and creating his own.
Day 6 - Abe rarely sits for television, so I snapped a cute picture of he and Pax cuddling during a cartoon.
 Day 7 - Pax all snuggled in my bed. (The big boys took turns sleeping in daddy's spot while he was gone.) On this particular day we finished reading Peter Pan, which they absolutely loved. I promised them the movie would follow.
 Day 8 - We had a visit from M, Pax's birthmom and her family. They came bearing birthday gifts for Pax and some gifts for Holden and Abe also. :)
 Day 9 - I got my hands on the Peter Pan movie and the three of us watched it together during Abe's Sunday afternoon nap. 
 Day 10 - Monday morning forts. All 3 were tucked away hidden on the bottom bunk. They love making a big mess of the bed covers and doing this.
 Day 11 - I had a very sweet day with this boy. I do think Tuesdays with momma are just what this one needs at this point in his life. He helped me choose a new fall decoration at Hobby Lobby to put in our house.
Day 12 - A sweet friend left these fun gifts on my doorstep one morning. And I sure did devour those chocolates right before lunch!
Day 13 - After we finished our school work we rode bikes and then spent some time at a neighboorhood playground.
Day 14 - And finally last night we were reunited to the man the means so so so much to us. And we are so thankful he is home. This tiny boy stayed in this posistion (head on his shoulder) for quite some time.

Jeremy's 13+ pictures will follow shortly.

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