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Monday, July 7, 2014

Summer Fun!

We have been having a whole lot of fun this summer. The water park has been much more tiring for me than any years in the past. Even when I had two in swim diapers, it was easier than this year. At least they were close in size and age to be content to play in the same area. Now I just convince myself that I must be burning some mega-calories by the way I'm huffing and puffing to keep the 4 of us together and alive for so many hours. But even with the challenge, it gives us a time to play with friends, me time to talk to some mommies (typically for very brief bits of conversation) and it is just so fun to be out in the water. So the effort is worth the fun! Last week I sat in a lawn chair in the sand area for a good 20 minutes while all 3 of mine played in the sand. Yes, sand can be a beast to clean up, but it might be worth a few moments of rest for this mommy.
We've enjoyed lazy days at home. Always with lots and lots of books. Holden loves to read to Abe now. I'm so proud of the big brother he is to our little one.
We continue to eat our weight in watermelon just like summers past. And with the more mild temps so far this year, we can enjoy the occasional dinner out on the back patio. I can't believe there are three at our little picnic table now!
The occasional game night with our two favorite ninjas once the littlest guy is in bed.
Fun pool parties.
Plenty of backyard playtime.
 A 4th of July celebration that included:
 friends, food, fireworks and playing in the water. 
And thankfully we are only halfway through our summer fun. We are doing our best to enjoy each day!

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