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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Holden's 6th B-Day Celebration!

Holden turned 6 on Thursday, May 1st. I've written a 6 year post below and have it linked by clicking here. He goes to Mother's Day Out on Thursdays so he was excited to spend part of his birthday with those friends. The morning of his birthday we took him to the backyard to see his big gift. Jeremy had assembled our new trampoline in the dark after church on Wednesday night once the boys were all in bed. We wanted it to be a surprise. Holden had not even thought to ask for a trampoline but we knew that he would love it. And we figured it would provide hours of entertainment outdoors. We could not have been more right on that assumption! Holden seemed happy when he saw the trampoline, but not over the top excited, which is what we expected. It wasn't until much later in the afternoon that I realized in conversation that Holden thought this trampoline was just here for the day. He thought we had rented it in the same way that we rented a blow up water slide for Pax's birthday party. Ha. So when I explained that the trampoline was a gift and staying "forever", I finally saw a huge smile and the excitement as he bounced around on it. A few days later Jeremy had more time to put up the safety net. So now trampoline jumping is as safe as possible over at our house.
For breakfast he had healthy chocolate cake made from eggs, coco powder, chickpeas, sugar and a few other ingredients. He thought this was a huge treat. I knew that it was quite a bit more healthy than your average breakfast cereal or muffin. :)
For school he took that same chocolate cake in the form of cupcakes with peanut butter icing and decorated with Ninja Turtle rings. Fancy fancy! ;)
After school we went to Nana and Papa J's house so they could give them their gift. Ninja Turtle roller skates! Everything was turtle themed this year.
Once we were back home and Jeremy was home from work, we took Holden to his restaurant of choice for dinner. He loves Chili's because of the bottomless tortilla chips. I thought (and secretly hoped) he would pick Chili's. But he didn't. He chose McDonald's. We never go to McDonald's. I hate McDonald's. Except for their Fruit and Yogurt Parfait...well now, I could eat that every single day! So off to McDonald's we went in honor of the birthday boy.
Then it was back home for more presents from us and icecream. It was a fun family celebration. I was not kidding when I said that everything he received was Ninja Turtle, except for the trampoline and one summer outfit from us. Even some good friends, his aunt and my parents all chose Ninja Turtle themed gifts. Apparently, his interests are evident to everyone. :)
Now, as far as a friend celebration...After our first handful of birthday parties at our house, Jeremy and I decided we would end that little tradition at age 5. Unfortunately, Holden got sick and we had to completely cancel his 5th birthday party last year. But he never talks about it or even thinks about it much. He got over it pretty quickly. Family is really all you care about when you are 5. But this year we stuck with our plan to not do a full party. We told him that he could choose one friend to spend a few hours with us on Saturday and do whatever activity he wanted. We gave him several options to choose from. He chose Jaxson from his class at church and I was so happy that Jaxson's parents agreed to let him come along with our family. Holden chose miniature golf and go carts for his activity. Then he chose pizza for dinner. We ended the evening with frozen yogurt before returning Jaxson to his house. Here a few pictures of more of Holden's birthday fun.
At the end of the evening, Jaxson didn't want to go home and Holden didn't want us to take him home. Jaxson gifted Holden some Batman pj's and he wore them that same night.
I think we've found our new birthday tradition.

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