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Monday, February 17, 2014

So far in February...

We've had blistering cold days and some even filled with icey roads. But also wonderful 75ish spring-like days, such as those this past weekend and this week.
We've had some new pets. Ants! :) To go along with our schooling, we've had an ant farm in our kitchen. We've been fascinated at watching the constant work that they do. I think Jeremy and I have watched it more than the boys. The critters exited our home this morning. Well, they were escorted out.
Look at all the progress and tunnels they built in about a week and a half. Very impressive, those little biting ants. Actually these were the largest ants I've ever seen.
We celebrated my meme's 95th (!!!!) birthday. She found out that Abe liked the punch and she loved sharing her glass with him. Obviously, he loved it too.
The big boys decided to be little dare devils. Holden climbed his first big tree. Pax might become our little stunt man.
Pax was treated to a cookie the size of his face after he went in for allergy testing (which included poking all over his back). I don't want him to be called Sneezy McSneezerson his entire life. After several holistic attempts to cure his "allergies", I opted to do the testing. And he's been sneezing daily for about 4 years straight. No joke. But guess what, he doesn't really have bad allergies. Hmmmm. So I will start a little more research on the topic. I'm pretty sure I've done more scientific research in my last (almost) 6 years as a mommy than I ever did in 17 years of schooling.
Holden got a professional haircut with an adorable little fade. Jeremy always does their cuts. I think this is only his second time to go to an actual barber shop with men that know how to specifically cut and style his hair. Jeremy had been wanting to take him to a place that a friend from his work goes to regularly. He said Holden sat completely still the entire 30 minutes while the guy worked with precision on the many steps of this cut. I love it. But I don't see us paying $18 every month to keep it up.
This little guy continues to grow. His hair continue to grow. :) And he continues to fill us with joy.
It's been a fairly uneventful few weeks but a little busy all at the same time. If that even makes sense. And that is my catch up post for now.

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