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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Birthday Redo

Last Thursday Jeremy turned 34. Old man! He was awakened at 3:30am that day to me throwing up in our bathroom. After he came in the bathroom to check on me, he started to head off to the kitchen to get me a drink, but not before I hollered, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" I may have been sick but I was still on my A game mentally...I hadn't forgotten his special day. ;) UNFORTUNATELY, I had decided I would do all his birthday planning and prep the day of.  In hindsight, that was not my smartest move. But I need to use Thursdays for errands while the big boys are at MDO. So on Jeremy's birthday, I never even made it out of bed. He had to take off of work. He took the boys to MDO. He took care of Abe. He got us some groceries and me some sick people food. He took care of everything, while I repeatedly apologized for his awful birthday. He just didn't care. He's not the type that NEEDS to feel celebrated. But I love to celebrate my family on their special days. So it was hard for me. Luckily I slept most of the day and didn't have a ton of time to ponder it. To make things worse, he ended up with the bug by Thursday night. There were a few hours that we both felt terrible. But by the next day, he was down for the count and I was a brand new woman.
Friday night I cooked his favorite dinner at home with his favorite mint chocolate cupcakes. It was his third year in a row to request them. By Saturday night food was starting to sound really good again. So the family enjoyed dinner at one of his favorites, BJ's. The poor guy had received no gifts from us. So after dinner, we stopped at a shoe store and Jeremy treated himself to two new pair of shoes. We also have a shopping date scheduled for Monday where he can spend more of his birthday money. I married a man that likes to shop, if he's got money to burn. Lucky me. :) But it was a weird birthday celebration over here. I hope we never have to repeat it. The only picture I took of our celebrations...
This was taken Friday night, after his sick day. Happy Birthday, babe! We love you more than you know. And alot more than we showed you on January 30th of this year.

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