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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Engineering Week.

Last Tuesday at very late notice, Jeremy informed me that he was volunteering through work at the Children's Museum of Science and History that day. It was Engineering Week so there were lots of extras at the museum last week, including a flight simulator for the F-35. This is where Jeremy would be volunteering a few hours on Tuesday. He thought it would be cool for the boys to go so they could fly the simulator. I knew that would be cool for them, but I also saw it as a rare opportunity for the boys to see how Jeremy spends 40+ hours a week and some of the end results of his time and hard work. Jeremy has always worked in the area of Defense. In Oklahoma and now in Texas also. So because of security, the boys have never had the opportunity to visit him at work, see his office or really see the things that he does at work. So we jumped at this last minute opportunity to go and see. I got to watch Jeremy helping some other kids on the simulator. It was cool to see him in his element and expertise. Flying an F-35 is something that I have no clue about. And even looking at all the knobs and was all over my head. Jeremy would probably agree he has no clue about flying a jet either. But with the simulator, he looked like a pro. He came to this job feeling so behind four and a half years ago. But he is a smarty pants and an extremely hard worker. So he's made some amazing strides and I know he's a huge asset where he is right now. A few pictures from our afternoon with daddy.
The boys getting to "fly".
Mister Abe trying his best to push some buttons too. 
I loved this picture of Pax working on the huge "Lite Bright"
It was a good experience for the boys. And one that will probably be very rare. I'm thankful these last minute plans fell right into place and our flexible schedule allowed for it. 

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Amanda said...

I'm so glad they got to do that and see a little bit of what J does. What a fun treat! And Abe's hair in that last picture....LOVE!