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Monday, September 2, 2013

Abe is 9 months.

Today Abe is 9 months old and he is doing so incredibly well. Any worries that I began with have all washed away. He is attached and loving his family in the most healthy of ways.
He has made a lot of progress in the area of sleep this past month. We have finally established a sleeping routine and that has been good for all of us. I was not really comfortable pushing him into my routine. So we just took baby steps and he pretty much did it himself. So proud of this baby boy! We now lay him down at night around 7:30pm. He tends to wake around 11pm, which is normally right before Jeremy and I head to bed. So we give him one last bottle at that time and then he sleeps anywhere between 7-8am. He probably doesn't NEED the late night feeding since he is somewhere around 25lbs now, but he has made so much progression I just haven't pushed to give it up. But it's a wonderful thing for me to be back on a normal sleep schedule, with Abe sleeping in his own bed. He actually doesn't even need us to rock him to sleep anymore. I normally sit with him in the rocking chair, we cuddle as I sing a quick little song and then I lay him down in his bed awake. He is a tummy sleeper and he quickly and quietly drifts off to sleep. He takes a morning and an afternoon nap that typically last 2 hours each. But he's also really great at being flexible and taking a cat nap in the car or skipping a nap all together, if we venture out and he is not home for his regular naptime.
On August 26th, Pax's birthday, Abe decided he might finally try crawling on his knees. He still army crawls around on his belly about half the time. And the other half of the time he is up on his hands and knees. He is also into pulling up and standing now. He actually walked his little self all the way around our coffee table tonight holding on to it with both hands. Today was also the first day that he decided to try and conquer the stairs. He probably would have made it to the top, had I allowed it. He was laughing most of the way up. I think this little boy is going to be full of adventure in an attempt to keep up with his big brothers.
He sure does adore those big brothers. He laughs at them at meal time and any time they sit to play with him. He tries to crawl on top of them when they are on the floor playing. Baby Abe has two big brothers that really love him. I love to sit back and watch their relationships develop!
Abe is nuts for bath time. He has no fear of the water and is constantly sticking his entire face in. His new thing is that when I try to stand him up to clean his bottom half that is under the water, his legs go all noodle-y on me. I think he is afraid that I am standing him up to pull him out because bath is over. So maybe if he doesn't participate in the standing part then I won't get him out. I don't know. That's just what it seems like. But he sure loves his bath time.
He now consistently takes five 5oz bottles per day. He eats all of his veggies and fruits like a champ. He is also eating tiny bites such as small carrots, green peas, blueberries and grapes that have been chopped into small pieces. He seems to get more in the highchair than in his mouth with the self-feeding. And speaking of tiny bites he sprouted his second tooth today. His first tooth came in right after turning 8 months. So now he has cut his two center bottom teeth. It seems like he is an extremely slow teether as they still have not completely pushed their way out. The big boy is now mainly wearing 12-18month clothes. I think he is our biggest boy to date.
Abe has been doing great in the church nursery on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings. I think our church has become a familiar place to him already and I love that. We have yet to leave him with a sitter. Jeremy and I have only had one date night since Abe joined our family 4 months ago (Yikes!). And Abe attended that date with us. We will leave him with some very familiar friends for a little afternoon date next weekend. I think he'll be just fine in his familiar territory with all regular faces that he sees weekly.
Abe has a really sweet demeanor. He is often very quiet and observant of everything around him. But then there are times, like this morning, where he just screams for fun. Just to hear himself. He is really affectionate and typically enjoys being held. He is a happy baby boy and he has brought so much joy and so many smiles to our family.

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