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Monday, September 17, 2012

the boy who ate everything

Pax is a great eater. He's not too picky. There are only a few things that he really dislikes to eat.  Tomatoes and....well, maybe there's just one thing. I honestly can't think of much of anything else that he refuses.  So I don't know why tonight surprised me. He had eaten his turkey burger and was working on some raw veggies and sweet potato fries. He noticed some large fresh spinach leaves on my plate and he said "I want some sah-wed" as if I was holding out on him by originally not offering it. Well, I'm not one to deprive my kids of extra veggies! I took 2 large leaves and tore them smaller and set them on his plate. No dressing, no dip, yet he immediately started chowing down. I have a feeling this isn't very common for 3 year olds. My little fellow veggie lover! It sure makes my heart happy!

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